Find out the real deal behind protein bars.

Protein bars have become so popular amongst people who go to the gym and workout. It is almost like a stable for them.

However, what was once considered the favourite snack for bulky gym-goers, has now become a regular thing men and women consume every day to stay in shape.

A lot of the times, people tend to consume these simply because others around them are doing the same. They may not understand if it is necessary or even required. It’s become almost like a fad.

The real question is, how good are these for you? Or should you be consuming these on a regular basis?

Nevertheless, let us weigh the pros and cons and see what’s better.

Let us weigh the pros and cons and then see what’s better:


#1. Protein:

According to the makers of these bars, protein is the most important and prominent ingredient. Protein is very important in building muscles and helping the muscles recover. It regulates our hormones too. If you want to build and sustain muscles your protein intake must be 2 grams per pound of body weight.

#2. Convenient:

The generation of convenience is here. People want everything on to go and in a quick manner. Protein bars are very easily available and are even more easy to consume. They do not require any preparations and are light and easy to carry around. With the busy lifestyle of people today, protein bars come to the rescue.

#3. Nutrition:

The reason behind making protein bars is not just to increase the protein intake of people. It is also meant to fuel one’s body. Protein bars even consist of carbohydrates, fats, and fibre that work extremely well with proteins. This mix of nutrients is perfect for people who have just had a workout or want to eat a healthy afternoon snack.

#4. Filling in nature:

Protein bars are filling in nature. After you have one, it will help you go on for a long time. You won’t feel the need to binge on anything after having a protein bar. It is designed to keep you satiated.


#1. Sugar content:

The biggest issue with protein bars today is they are full of sugar. Consuming so much sugar becomes counterproductive. It isn’t consistent with a healthy lifestyle. It becomes empty calories that one is consuming. To avoid this unnecessary consumption of sugar there are low-sugar alternatives or even sugar-free ones which are hard to find.

#2. Additives:

Sugar is one bad additive, but that’s not the only one. There are more chemical additives in your protein bar than you even know. Don’t be shocked if you can’t even pronounce half the names of all these lab-grown chemicals that are found in your bars. These can range from sugar substitutes to preservatives.

#3. Meal replacement:

Most people use these protein bars as meal replacements. It definitely shouldn’t be done. A protein bar’s purpose isn’t to substitute your entire meal. It is supposed to be a healthy snack that fills you and supposed to increases the protein intake to fuel your body.

#4. Cheap ingredients:

A lot of these protein bars contain cheap sources of protein that are not good for human consumption. Some of these sources are casein and GMO soy. 

It is not the best idea to have protein bars on a regular basis, unless you can find one which is sugar-free, has no preservatives and uses all-natural ingredients. Once in a way, it is fine, but depending on these bars to fuel you can be a bad idea.

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