Football is not a game, it is an emotion.

90 minutes of running, chasing, hitting and being hit, the life of a footballer or even a football fan doesn’t stop even after the full-time whistle. While the viewership ends after the referee’s whistle but there is an entire regime that goes behind such amazing performance.

A proper game of football can totally drain you of all the nutrients and leave you dehydrated. What are the things and warm-ups you need to do after this tiring session? Maybe just do the following:

  1. Rehydrate: Other than water, you need to drink a good amount of sports drinks or electrolytes. Hydration is important as your body is still prone to cramps and other problems.
  2. Rebuild: Football or any other sport can burn a lot of calories and gaining them back is important. You have to consume a good amount of carbs and proteins before participating again. Super Healthy Kids
  3. Strech: While your muscles are still warm after a game, stretch your muscles as this will keep the blood flowing. Later, you can massage the muscles you feel that turned sore.
  4. Monitor your urine colouration: As unnecessary it may sound but the colour of your urine can predict the fluid contents in the body. So, keep checking and drink sufficient fluid till it gets back to normal.
    Hydration chart for players

    Player Scout

  5. Relax: Try to avoid any strenuous exercise or sports on the same day. It may lead to muscle spasm or cause too much tension between joints.
  6. Get good sleep: Ensure that you sleep properly so that your body gets ample time to recover. Also, sleeping will help you look refreshed and perform better in the next match.

Football is all about enjoying the game to the fullest and also scoring some goals. You can almost feel your adrenalin rushing when a goal is bagged.

Remember to prep up yourself for the next amazing match!

Happy Goal-ing!

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