Net lifts in badminton are one of the first strokes any player or beginner should learn. It is a clearing stroke or a defensive stroke that is played by a player to keep him out of danger as well as to keep him still in the game.

Here is everything you need to know about the net lift:

What Is A Net Lift?

A net lift is a stroke that is made from under the arm so to say. It is when the shuttle is caught closer to the ground as opposed to a toss which is caught when the shuttle is high up.

It is generally played from the forecourt and is a return stroke to a drop or a net keep.

It can be played from the forehand or backhand.

Skill Set Required:

A net lift is one of the most basic strokes that is taught in badminton. It is preferred that a beginner learn this stroke in the early stages as it is a very useful stroke.

The difficulty level is not too high as it is a clearing stroke and not an attacking stroke.

With good practice, you will be able to achieve good lifts most of the times.

How To Play Net Lift?

A net lift is generally played from the front to the mid of the court. It is a stroke played to counteract a pressuring shot that has been played towards you, like a smash or a drop.

So to play the lift, backhand or forehand these are the steps you have to follow:

So to play the lift, backhand or forehand these are the steps you have to follow:

#1. Get your grip right, whether it is forehand or backhand. Without the right grip, your stroke may not go as planned and is likely to be very ineffective

#2. Your body position should be correct. You have to be in a lunging position where you cannot be standing upright. This is observed with many beginners and here is where they make crucial mistakes. While approaching the shuttle (when you want to lift) make sure that you lunge towards the shuttle.

#3. Catch the shuttle as early and as high as possible. Do not wait for the shuttle to come to you or for the shuttle to fall, catch it high. This way you can bring variation to your strokes and keep your opponent on his feet.

#4. Always hit the shuttle from down, rather always make sure your racquet approaches your shuttle from down and hits is in the upward direction. Many players make the mistake of approaching the shuttle from the side. This can cause the shuttle to either go in the net or be very ineffective.

#5. Get the wrist to snap for extra power. Snapping of the wrist while lifting will give you that extra punch to send the shuttle to the absolute rear of the opponent’s court.

#6. Make sure your swing is complete. Do not stop your swing midway. Use your full arm to swing which will cause the shuttle to go in the direction it is intended to go and it will be effective too.

#7. Follow through and body balance after playing the stroke is important. After playing the net lift make sure you quickly get back into position to be ready for the return and you also should make sure that your body is facing the direction in which you lifted the shuttle.

Watch this video to get a demonstration on how to play the net lift:

Purpose Of Net Lift?

The reason a net lift is played is so what you can get yourself out of pressure and still in the game. It is a clearing stroke that is played from your forecourt to the opponent’s rear court.

This ensures that the opponent is pushed to the back of his court.

Drills For Improvement?

To improve your lift there are a few things you can do:

#1. Practice on the court:

Make a person play downward strokes where your only aim is to send the shuttle back by lifting it.

#2. Wall practice:

Hitting the shuttle in a lifting motion continuously against the wall will improve the quality of your lifts. It will improve hand-eye coordination and also your swing and arm strength.

#3. Swings:

Taking a racquet and continuously make the swing you would make during making a lift will help to get the arm to move correctly and will get the player to learn to complete his swing

#4. Making circles with the racquet:

This will involve the wrist and arm and will be useful for the backhand and forehand lift. You need to simply draw a circle in the air using the head of the racquet. Practising this will help a lot when it comes to actually hitting the shuttle.


Net lifts are easy to learn and a very useful stroke to. Follow this guide to achieve perfect net lifts.

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