One of the esteemed guests during the Bloggers and Influencers Meet was Poojyaa and we spoke to her, she had many things to tell us about fitness.



  1. Why did you want to become a fitness trainer?

Poojyaa: “Fitness has always been a part of my life, it’s not a recent addiction that has made me what I am today, since my childhood I have always been into some or the other form of fitness like swimming, dance, badminton and yoga. I enjoyed movies and music of course, but becoming a fitness Instructor was never planned, it’s purely based on passion, and the need to inspire people around to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As you know,  we tend to get carried away with work and personal life we often forget to take care of our body, so here I am, trying my best to influence friends, family and others to make a change and take the path of fitness and healthy lifestyle.

2. How do you keep yourself motivated?


Poojyaa: “I have always got motivation in abundance and still do just the sources of it keeps fluctuating sometimes, it’s majorly from the inside of me to be the best version of who I am and be the best at what I do, my dedication, determination, discipline and commitment for my job, otherwise, it’s my parents, mentors, role models and not to forget the food, here, I am talking about the cheat days only, also to set an example for others.”

3. How do you balance work and your passion?

Poojyaa: “The balance has to be made only when work and passion flow on two different paths, but I have been fortunate enough to understand soon enough and recognise my strengths & skills to make my passion turn into my full-time work.”

4. Explain us briefly about what a Body Pump trainer does?  

Poojyaa: “Put simply, Bodypump is a powerful, challenging group workout that is done using barbells and light weights with high reps to build strength and to enhance muscle conditioning. As a trainer, we are equipped with all the skills and knowledge to motivate people to get better at it progressively by way of coaching and guiding them appropriately.”


5. Is warm-up important?  

Poojyaa: “Well, it’s very much necessary as significant as your workouts, I never start a session without a good warm-up of about 5-8 minutes, it has to be done to get the temperature high gradually, it’s like preparing oneself mentally and physically , also to prevent injuries of any kind during the actual workout.

6. What was the reason that pushed you to become fit?  

Poojyaa: “Firstly, fitness started as a self-care but also wanted to set an example and motivate others to be fit and healthy as well, then why not help others in their journey, which made me go a step higher on my fitness goals.

7. Apart from staying fit, what are your favourite indulgences?  

Poojyaa: “I enjoy cooking, this is a very recent passion I have discovered, to stay fit, one should eat right, and it starts from knowing what goes into our food, that’s made me experiment with cooking. Other’s would be reading books, learning new things playing a new sport and growing myself asana individual.”


8. Do you think, today’s youth should get into sports and fitness?

Poojyaa: A big yes, I stress upon the importance of physical activity every day, weather in form of workouts at the gym/ home / outdoor for at least about 45 min a day to stay on the healthy side of life. For the youth especially, they should figure out where their  interests lie and indulge in that activity for 4-5 days a week to keep up with this fast pace of life and more so, make it a part of their daily routine.

9. What would be that one piece of advice you would give to people who are new to this field of fitness?   

Poojyaa: “Fitness has to be made a part of our lifestyle and not a short-term goal, to watch what we eat/ drink, include a lot of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, because nutrition plays a major role and to understand the key to everything is ‘Moderation” which applies to working out and eating habits, also to encourage the younger generation more towards healthy habits.”


We thank Poojya for her insightful views on her journey and other aspects of life. If you want to follow Poojyaa on her Instagram, then we have given you the link.

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