Out of all the emotions you feel, it is very difficult to channelize your anger. Here is how you can do it by playing a sport!

There can be several reasons why you may get angry and act in a certain unacceptable manner. The main reason for this kind of anger outlet is the unavailability of a channel to release the built-up negative emotion.

Understanding the source that makes you angry and trying to avoid any conversation about it may help for a short period of time. 

But finding a way to channelize your anger will help your mind stay peaceful for a long period of time. Playing a sport can be one of those ways through which you can learn how to control your anger.

Here is an incident that occurred during one of the most important matches between two strong teams.

During the ’98 World Cup, Beckham was playing brilliantly against Argentina which allegedly agitated the Cowmen’s midfielder, Simeone.

This led to England playing with 10 players and it was very crucial as Argentina won 4-3 against England. Beckham being a dead-ball specialist, he would have taken one of the penalties and most probably scored too.

This is one of the finest examples of how momentary misplaced anger can do to a nation.

Let us not go further into what the media wrote about this incident.

I am sure, you must have come across such incidents several times in your life where you felt that an angry response ruined it all.

Yes, you must have tried several anger management classes, Yoga and meditation but it didn’t help out but have you ever tried sports? Also, do you know sports can make you a happier person?

Here Is How Sports Help You To Channelize Your Anger: 

  1. Turns Negative Energy To Positive: When you play a sport, consider Badminton, your mind shifts focus from anger to trying to hit the shuttle. By the time you finish a set, your mind has already calmed down.
  2. Progressive Relaxation: While you are playing your muscles continuously tense and relax, this blocks anxiety-provoking thoughts. This technique is also called Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
  3. The release of chemicals: When you play a sport, your body releases Dopamine and Serotonin, both of which is related to make you happy and Dopamine is also called the ‘Happy Hormone.’

Given to the sedentary lifestyle we live, playing a sport would definitely help those stiff joints to function better. When you are physically active, your mind stays away from all the daily stressors.

While engaging in some kind of physical activity like doing some exercise, your body stimulates the production of endorphins. This, in turn, keeps you away from depression and stress as they are natural mood boosters.

Apart from that, playing a sport would make sure that your weight is under check and when you feel fit and look good, it increases your confidence. This creates a happy space for yourself where your mind and body are totally in sync.


Once you have identified your trigger, trying working on it. Who knows, while playing any sport, you may aslo get a solution on how to deal with it!


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