Feet Burns during running can be because of various reasons. Running is the best form of exercise to tone up our body but burning sensation can be a spoilsport if not taken care of. 

“If you start to feel good during an ultra, don’t worry, you will get over it.” – Gene Thibeault

It is said that well begun is half done. How many of us begin our day with a good run? It builds stamina, keeps the body active and tones the muscles for you to deliver the best throughout the day. While on the fitness run we have to be cautious too. As running can trigger burning sensation and stays over an extended period of time due to the continued exertion.

We have to manage shin splints, nipple rub, chafing, temperature, blisters, etc. Moving ahead, we’ll look into the various problems runners come across. Burning feet is one problem to look into for which we have to find ways to overcome it in order prolong our fitness regime. 


  • FRICTION: This irritable sensation develops within the shoe itself. This is caused due to the foot’s movement, both forward and backwards within the shoe and the rubbing of the socks and sole in the interior. This can also result in blisters. Friction can be dealt with by wearing the right kind of socks, well-fitting shoes and sprinkle some talcum powder over the area.
  • HEAT: The runner’s feet face this brunt when their feet are very hot or when they have to counter a concrete surface. This can be minimized by using the right set of breathable materials and socks. 
  • NERVE DAMAGE: It develops due to the continuous pounding of the feet. Once you feel it take the route to the doctor to get the best care. And to minimize the effect, use the good padded material. Nerve damage can also result from irregular control of glucose in diabetic patients.


  • VITAMIN DEFICIENCY: Absence or deficiency of vitamin B-12 also causes hot feet sensation after nerve damage and at times a tingling feeling is experienced too. An adequate amount of vitamin B-12 in our daily diet can reduce the effect.

Diseases & Treatments

  • ROTATION OF FEET: If your feet undergo extra rotation while running which can add pressure on the wrong parts of the feet and this results in vascular damage or tarsal tunnel syndrome. Orthotics or custom fitted shoes can be used to overcome this problem, after having manner of stride studied by an expert or a doctor.

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  • POOR CIRCULATION OF BLOOD:  This can lead to a build-up of blood in the feet and legs. Numbness of feet can also occur due to poor circulation of blood. A proper diet that reduces cholesterol is the answer to the problem.
  • BURNING THIGHS: While running, thighs come in for more work-out or exertion and this can result in a burning sensation. It happens due to running affecting the muscle fibres and also through a method, termed as lactic acidosis. This is due to excess consumption of oxygen during running.

How do you feel it?

  • TEAR OF MUSCLES: This is caused due to the extra pull, during running and thus results in burning and soreness. On maximum occasions, tear of muscles heals over a period of time.
Popular Science
  • LACTIC ACIDOSIS: While running, the runner’s body requires oxygen in large amounts and necessary nutrients to compensate the exertion it undergoes. When heavy oxygen is consumed the body uses anaerobic metabolism to produce energy, without the help of oxygen. Due to anaerobic metabolism, lactic acid develops. This can cause irritation or say a sense of burning in the thighs for some runners, which is not to fear at all.  The effect can be overcome by proper nutrition and conditioning.

Hope, this small compilation of the causes of burning sensation resulting out of the running and their remedies will help to shape your body better, active and burn free.

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