Looking for reasons to stop gym? Fitness and health are two things that are on the rise. People realise the importance of eating right, exercising, and playing sports. All these have a very positive impact on you and will make you feel good about yourself. 

There are many ways of getting fit, like going to the gym, running, and playing sports. But playing sports is the best. It is even better than going to the gym. I know what you’re thinking, everyone goes to the gym and everyone gets toned at the gym. While it is true, sports can do the same for you.

 Here is why sports is better for you:

#1. You are never too young to start playing

Kids shouldn’t hit the gym until they are 15, but they can start playing sports as early as 6 years old. Children shouldn’t be allowed to the gym as they are still growing, and their muscles haven’t developed properly yet. Making them lift additional weight may put a huge strain on their muscles and joints, which can lead to injuries. 


A sport can be started at a younger age and will be a significant change of environment for the child.

#2. Even when you are old, you aren’t really old

People who play sports are more likely to stay physically active even when they are 70 and 80 as compared to people who are just going to the gym. While playing a sport, one tends to be more competitive and being competitive compounds, the health benefits which are linked to exercise in general.

#3. Sports-with-benefits

Playing a sport, especially a team sport, teaches you how to be united with your associates and even how to be a team player. It teaches one leadership skills which can be useful in our work and college lives. Playing sports also helps us communicate better and teaches us to respect others too. This is something that one may not learn in a gym environment.


#4. Sports will not burn a hole, promise!

Gym memberships may be too expensive for some. Gyms nowadays have become a fad in somewhat way. People sign up, go, and then suddenly stop. A lot of people go because their friends go and after some point, realise it is not for them. To join a good gym, you have to be ready to shell out a good amount of money. Whereas joining a sports class can be cheaper. Playing in a park or garden can be free too.

5. Sports is all fun

Playing sports is way more fun. And you get fit doing so too! Gym workouts can tend to be boring for those who are only doing it to get fit. Some go to the gym just for cardio-based workouts. But running on a treadmill and riding a static cycle can be so monotonous. 

Instead, gathering a few people together and playing a sport like badminton, football or cricket can be so much more fun. 

What better way to do cardio than play sports.

Sports at an earlier age also helps in building motor skills that are required to establish a lifelong habit for physical activity. Playing sports also gives you the discipline, focus, and the confidence that somehow going to the gym doesn’t provide as much. If you are thinking of getting fit and staying healthy, consider playing a sport over going to the gym.


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