Trekking is an overall healing activity and a good cure-all for you in all perspectives. 

trekking will keep you healthy

Trekking will keep you healthy and is the best solution for you to stay fit on weekends as well. Source

Moreover, trekking doesn’t need any planning or discussions with your co-workers or friends since your fellow trekkers will be your new buddies.

With this note, we present you eight reasons why you should consider taking up trekking:

  • Improved fitness

It helps you control your body sugar level. Walking on bumpy paths strengthens your leg muscles, making them agile and flexible. It will help you build up big calf muscles and stable ankles.

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Your weighted backpacks will help increase your bone density. Source

  • Stress-Buster

Trekking releases endorphins, which reduces stress since endorphins induce euphoria. It improves memory and functionality of your brain. Fresh air, the flora fauna will induce calmness and joy.

  • Quicker socializing ability

Travelling to new places and meeting new people build binding and you learn about their culture, cuisines, and experiences. The best thing about this is sharing the good memories and the painful experiences as well.

  • A healthy heart

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Walking long distances has always been a cardiovascular workout. Source.

The pure oxygen that you get up above the hills and mountains will help improve your respiratory system and the capacity of your lungs as well. More powerful your lungs are more the heart pumps blood throughout your body.

  • Tech–drain

This is the best reason for you to embrace trekking because it will be a no gadget (smartphone, laptop, TV) time for you. The hilly areas will keep your mobile phone out of network coverage though. However, you should enjoy the beauty of nature and avoid taking selfies.

These kinds of experiences should be captured in the memory to live it forever.

Being technology free will help you realize how dependent you’re on human-made things rather than nature. This is also called Digital Detoxification.

  • Cues on endurance

These trips will help you teach basic survival skills with fewer resources. These resources are – the shortage of food, water, igniting the fire, treating wounds with medicinal herbs, camping or building a tent.

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Living a cosy and comfortable life is always desired but facing the environment troubles is what proves your mettle. Source.

Trekking tests both your physical and mental capacity.


The climbs & descents of a trek will empower you in every possible way. Hail trekking!

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