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Find out if treadmill running is the best option for you? Let’s find out!

There is quite a debate on whether treadmill running is good for you or not. Some people say they run on the treadmill and are just fine, but others say the opposite. Continue to read the article to learn the real truth about treadmills.

Where one chooses to run is a matter of preference. People run on the road, concrete, fields, on the beach and even on the treadmill. All of them will give you a great workout cardiovascularly.

To be really honest, treadmill running has its pros and cons. They will be listed below and you can decide for yourself.


It is a controlled environment: While running on the treadmill, you get to decide the speed and angle at which you are running. There are no obstacles in the way and all the controls are at your fingertips.

You can run in all seasons: unlike running in the open, you can run on the treadmill all round the year as treadmill running is done indoors. You do not need to worry about whether it is raining or its too hot, you’re good to go whenever.

It is continuously the same surface- The surface used on the treadmill is the same all throughout and doesn’t have been bumps or obstructions.

While running on the road or beach or ground, the surface can get uneven which can lead to injuries like twisting of the ankle. This is one very big advantage of running on the treadmill as you do not have to worry about suddenly encountering an uneven surface.

Same difficulty level: There are some people who feel that running on the treadmill is easier, but in reality, it is the same. It stimulates a race that is performed outdoors.


It is not the best option for someone with knee problems: For people who have knee injuries of some problems with their knees, it is recommended they do not run on the treadmill as it is a hard surface. For them, softer surfaces like sand and a mud field are way better

If your form is not good, injuries are at risk: To run on a treadmill especially at a higher pace, you really need to have good form. If you run incorrectly you can twist your legs or hurt your knees.

Your posture needs to be right and relaxed. Some treadmill runners tend to be ahead of their centre of gravity which is due to their poor postures. This can lead to injuries.

It gets very boring: Running on a treadmill feels like you’re a hamster running in a wheel. While you are physically exerting yourself, you are not getting anywhere.

You’re stuck in the same spot. This tends to get monotonous. While running outside, it is not the same case as you get to observe what is around you and the feel is completely different as you are actually moving forward.

You can lose your agility: Treadmills tend to have more cushion than the road which makes you used to run on even surfaces which can be the result of the loss in agility.

Running of uneven surfaces helps you be more agile. This makes your leg and leg muscles make small changes and fewer adaptations than what it would have to outside on the ground.

These adjustments help on in increasing their balance and coordination

There is no downwards running: On a treadmill, you can mimic running in an inclined angle but not a declined angle which you can do when you are outside. Running downwards requires for the quadriceps and leg muscles to be stronger and requires a different skill set.

Running on a treadmill means no fresh air: Treadmill running is performed indoors. Most people also work in an office which is in an enclosed space. That can get really too much as fresh air can make things so much better.

Watch this video which will give you a comparison on outside running Vs treadmill running:


Treadmill running has its pros and cons, but is it really bad or good for you, is something only you can decide if not now, then in the long term.

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