These tips will help you find out if your Yonex racket is real or fake.

Yonex is the leading company for all Badminton equipment, all over the world. It is originally from Japan, but it popular with players all over India.

A lot of the top players of Badminton use and are sponsored by Yonex.

Since Yonex is such a popular brand, there are some shops that tend to sell rackets that are not genuine and are copies of the original.

This especially happens with the top of the line rackets which cost between Rs.10,00015,000. The fake ones are as cheap as Rs.5,000.

Fake rackets that look like the original and cost less than half the price are made of heavier materials and non-durable ones which do not give the same feel as the original and can cause injuries in certain cases.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying your Yonex badminton racket:

1) Check the cap at the end of your Yonex racket- It should have Japan written on it:

As Yonex is a Japanese company, each of their rackets come with Japan written below the racket on the bottom tab. If instead there is China or Taiwan printed on it, you can be sure that it is not original.

The image above is how the bottom of an original racket should look like.

2) While you are looking at the bottom tab, observe the colour of it:

The colour of the tab below should be a certain type of dark green. Anything lighter or faded is an indication of the racket being a fake or counterfeit one.

The image above will give you a very good idea as to what the original and the copy looks like.

3) Observe the Yonex logo on the racket:

Yonex being such the Louis Vuitton of rackets has been copied so very closely that every detail needs to be observed.

On the racket, one needs to observe how the logo is printed, especially the letter ‘O’ of the word Yonex.

In a copy racket, the O of Yonex is always wider and not in proportion to the other letters. This difference is minute, but it can really help you make the distinction between fake and real.

4) Check out the hologram sticker that comes on every racket:

Each Yonex racket comes with a hologram sticker. In the original racket, this sticker is extremely hard to peel and is stuck quite well.

On the contrary, in a fake racket, the sticker is easily removable and doesn’t look quite right.

Check out the image below to get a better understanding of the real and fake hologram sticker.



These are subtle differences but they should be kept in mind before purchasing a racket. First timers should be more careful as these details aren’t always glaringly obvious.

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