The move that came to life on Fifa 18. Ronaldo! This one’s for you.

So, let us just jump right into it, what is the El Tornado. The pretty cool name seems like something that’s been out there for a while, sounds like something that describes A level disaster or something absolutely monstrous.

So what is the El Tornado? As ashamed as I am to say this, (trust me, I am very ashamed), I learnt about this move from my thirteen-year-old cousin. He showed me the video on youtube and I was in awe! If a move like that was performed on the field, during a live match, my alliances would shift.

That video showed me the most ultimate, awesome move to date and made me feel insanely old.

So how do you perform this move on FIFA 18 and how can you perform this move in real life? According to my google search that eventually leads me to the dream team page, the el Tornado is a move that was written about in 2017, so in my defence, this is for the late bloomer otherwise known as the clueless sports-buff.

On the PS4 this skill can be used by holding down the L1 button and moving the right analogue stick upwards and then sidewards, in the direction you want the ball to go. In real life well, the only successful real-life move that I saw was Ronaldo perform it in the video. Also, check out that soundtrack! Super catchy!

Although remember, the only players that can perform the move are:

EA has also said that the El Tornado skill has been bestowed on these players, if the others want to be part of this club, they need to aim at pulling this move, in reality, therefore making their virtual ones perform the skill in FIFA 2018.

  • Side note: If any of you smarties out there can perform this move, please show me! I would love to be able to share that with my thirteen-year-old cousin, show him some real-life skills. Remember, you. Clueless sports-buff, this news is a tad bit old so let’s use this for knowledge sake and not as a part of proving a point.


The question is, will Ronaldo perform this during the UEFA’18 finals? Apart from that, I would love to see Ronaldo doing the bicycle kick!

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