This weekend, say Happy Mother’s’ Day playing these sports!

Your mom whom you admire a lot for being the Superman and supporting you at all those times when you needed a companion, is a special friend in your life. And you must indeed plan to keep her healthy and safe by planning these sports this weekend.

Whether you’re a sportsman or your mom is to be a sports lover, it doesn’t matter. Let us spread the awareness of being healthy among our supermoms so that they don’t miss out on this important aspect of their life worrying about us.

  • Soccer

For all those soccer moms out there, you may plan to take her to the field. Ensure that she has proper shoes, is hydrated and coach her thirty minutes before the game.

This will make up for all the time that you had missed conversations in your life. You may plan to play with your mom or bring the entire family and form two teams. 

Health benefit: Improve bone density

  • Basketball

If you’re a person who prefers indoors, then basketball is a fine idea. You can manage to play basketball with a little basketball hoop or over- the- door one.  

If none of these is available, you may create one DIY hoop using laundry baskets at home. Indeed, the first basketball was played using peach baskets by school P.ET teacher, James Naismith.

Health Benefit: Boosts the immune system

  • Skating

You may enjoy skating both outdoors and indoors as well. For the indoor session, you may have to clear a certain area in your home and start with the help of dryer sheets to avoid floor scratches.


Instead of the regular skate shoes, you may use a fun way through paper plate skating or wax paper boots. Safety must be ensured in both outdoor and indoor conditions though because the roller skates might be difficult to resist slipping.

Health Benefit: Burns about 10 calories each minute

  • Marathon

Let’s call it Momathon for this Mother’s’ Day and make your mom explore the track. You may plan a 1K/3K/5K marathons depending on the stamina.1000 km is still a long way.

However, you may try instilling the spirit of the marathon by designing your own customised tee for the winner. All you need is to set a start point, an endpoint, lots of hydration and running shoes.

Health Benefit: Reduces the risk of developing hypertension or diabetes

  • Swimming

With the summers around, this is the perfect getaway for you and your mom. This is suitable even for your extended family.

You opt for a swimming pool sport or try it in the water bodies nearby. Help her shop a lovely swimwear and you’re good to go!

Health Benefit: Maintains your physique and improve posture


The concept of celebrating Mother’s’ Day every second Sunday of May has been very new in India.

And you’ve every reason to pamper your mom this weekend by taking her to these getaways and make her feel special. Kudos to our sports moms!

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