All basketball players dream to shoot like their ideal NBA stars. The capability in you is not determined by the shots you successfully plant, but we cannot deny that for winning and leaving an impact you need to shoot victorious shots.

Yes, practice is the core foundation of playing well, but practising in the correct way and with an accurate set of techniques is really indispensable. Shooting entails a plethora of factors- from the movement of wrist to the footwork everything should be in an arranged manner for scoring multiple goals in a single event.


Here are a few techniques that can muster you towards becoming a celebrated basketball player:

  • Keep an eagle eye on the target

Keeping a straight eye on the target helps with a better overview of the distance between the goal post and the ball along with the amount of force you have to apply.

  • Focus on your grip

For scoring the winning goals, you need to pay attention to your grip. Spread your fingers and try to balance the ball in one hand in such a way that it sits perfectly on the finger pads for a quick and swift launch.

  • Don’t fall in the pothole of gimmicks

Novice basketball players spend tons of money on gimmicks to achieve better shooting capabilities. But these equipment are not allowed in the real game. So stay away from them and play naturally.

  • Film your game

Filming the game and particular shots helps in numerous ways. You can check for if you are following the right thing you have thought. Also showing the filmed shot to coaches can assist you in correcting the flaws.

  • Maintain the consistency

Congratulations you have fired a number of successful shots! But it’s not the time to relax. Maintain the continuum and practice daily so that you can polish the art of shooting goals seamlessly.

  • Get a multi-colored ball

The rotation of a ball plays an imperative role in the successor goals. Unfortunately, determining the type of rotation is daunting with a solid colored ball.  With the help of a multi-colored ball you can check the rotation and can easily fix the problems.

  • Try to restrict your shoots to 50-55% bracket

Shooting in a restricted bracket that is half blocked can take your game to extreme levels.

  • Improve your footwork

Your feet are the foundations of the shot you have thrown. A sound footwork provides you with better alignment and stability. Perfect footwork also enhances the bleeding edge by correcting shoulder and hip position.

  • Get a helping hand

If you are able to get a coach or a basketball pro who can watch while playing then it’s the best thing. Pro players can assist you with a bunch of techniques which can be fruitful while shooting goals.

You can also take help from this video:

Wrapping it up

Practice is the foremost factor you need to look at. The amalgamation of continual practice and nonpareil tips will surely assist you in the long run. Follow these tips and encounter a major change in your footwork, throw, catch, shoot and a comprehensive game.

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