Sport is passion, skill, talent and practice personified in one ultimate form! Every sport you play gives you a new dimension of looking at things and teaches you many things. Play it as an individual or in a team, you are bound to explore a lot when you play. But, you grow as an individual only when you are in a certain environment, which is peculiar to a team sport. There are reasons why team sports are better than individual ones, here’s why!

Knowing your contribution

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A team is nothing but a bunch of individuals trying to achieve something collectively. That’s how you get to know how much your contribution means even if it is unnoticed or little. That’s not the case in individual sport, where you just have a victory or loss in front of you. Individually, it is very difficult to understand the value of contributing.


Team dynamics in harmony yield great results, but in disharmony can be disastrous. A team brings in various kinds of characters and that allows you to know them well and adjust yourself to the playing dynamics. A team that gels well together expresses better on the field. Individually, it helps you to cooperate with people, a big learning curve regardless of success or failure.

Individually, you don’t have to cooperate with anyone. It’s about your improvement and nothing else. There’s nothing wrong with that! But cooperation is something that cannot be learned in an individual sport.


A team environment puts you in a place where you have to make things work and understand people. No matter how you perceive someone, every individual has goods and bads and team sport presents that truth in front of you, which helps you respect people more and accept them the way they are.

Individual sport too demands respect, but since a person has no one to explore in a cooperative environment, it becomes difficult to learn to respect unconditionally.

 Collective purpose

Sport is driven by purpose. For someone, the purpose might be to justify their talent and for someone, it can be about giving their best. A team gives you a collective purpose that shapes you except as an individual. Solo goals are transcended by team goals because when the team succeeds, the individual succeeds and when the team fails, the individual still gets priceless lessons.


Passion is the soul of the sport. And team sports exemplify that fact. It’s not that individual sports don’t have a passion for the core elements. But team sports are literally built upon it, which solo games aren’t. In a way, it takes a lot of passion to play team sports while individual sports do not require the same intensity, though skills and hard work cannot be compromised.

Team sports certainly rank better in few aspects but that doesn’t leave out individual sports behind. There are benefits on each side, it completely depends on what aspects you are inclined to examine!

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