Boxing, also called pugilism, is an eminent workout and is the most demanding of all sports. It requires momentum, swiftness, strength, competence and mental toughness. Boxing unveils the real fighter in you. Boxing is an Olympic sport, Commonwealth Games sport as well as has its own World Championships. This sport has its roots from the ancient Greeks in 688 B.C. Below are the 4 basic punches in boxing which practices with the proper method will help you improve your speed, swiftness and balance.

1) Cross

Also known as the Heavy cross, is the most powerful punches and is efficient than the jab. It is thrown with the dominant hand and is the most damaging punch. This can be your strongest punch because this leaves you open and helps you get your grasp from the back effortlessly. Your legs play a vital role in this punch to maintain balance and increase the force for punching.

  • Pivot your back foot and then twist your hips and shoulders in the direction of the punch.
  • Straighten your dominant hand from your chin while exhaling.
  • Twist your knuckles with your palm down.
  • Keep the other hand to prevent attack

2) Hook

This is the most dangerous shot since it can paralyze the opponent if it’s well placed. These are the body shots like the liver shot where it hampers your legs and takes the air out of the body, making the opponent unable to stand or move. This shot comes from a side angle thus makes it devious for the opponent to defend himself since he will be expecting straight punches instead of this shot. Here’s how to play the left hook shot:

  • Pivot your hips and shoulders in the direction of your punch.
  • Move your foot clockwise and have your left heel raised while the other heel resting.
  • Cover your chin with the right fist to prevent an attack on the face.
  • Tighten your left arm and thrust it into the opponent’s body or face.

3) Jab

jab in boxing

Image: Infighting Training Centers

This is your principal ammunition in boxing because it’s a sudden shot. It is most used shot and will be the first shots you will get to learn because it’s quite simple. This can be used to counter, attack, defense, to make space and to score points as well. This shot consumes the least energy and is the longest, leaving you less tired. Jab actually is to surprise your opponent so that you can further attack him with bigger punches.

  • Stand still and extend your dominant hand straight out.
  • Exhale and rotate your thumb so that the knuckles hit the opponent’s chin.
  • Protect your chin with the other hand while using your dominant hand throws the shot.
  • Prepare yourself for another jab with the other hand.

4) Uppercut

This punch is used while at a small distance from the opponent or even mid-range. This is a fast punch and is more powerful than the jab. However, this punch is risky because it exposes you to a counter hook. That’s why this punch should be mainly aimed at the opponent’s head or body with much force. Unlike the hook shot whose strength develops from twisting the hips, the uppercut punch develops its strength from twisting the shoulders.

  • Bend your knees and keep your hips while the punch goes up.
  • Pivot your feet and rotate your hips in the direction of the punch.
  • With your palm turned upward, aim your dominant fist directly into the target.
  • Pull the punch straight back to your chin or throw another shot again.
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