There are some fitness fanatics out there who think that too much is never enough. Their determination to be fit and healthy is just so much that they feel the need to keep on at it. While overdoing it is bad, working out twice a day is not necessarily harmful.

Working out twice a day is not for everyone. Well, it is normal for athletes and sportspeople as they are built and have trained for it, for everyday people, it can have its drawbacks.

The more you workout doesn’t mean the faster you will lose weight or get fit. The smarter you work, the faster you will reach your goals. As long as you know how to implement and put the right routine in place, working out twice can be beneficial.

There are benefits and drawbacks to working out twice a day. Weigh them both properly, before you can make a decision as per your comfort.


  • If you are increasing your daily activity, it is quite good for you and will work in a positive direction. According to some sports nutritionist, working out twice is also great for improving one’s overall performance.
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  • It can even trigger muscle growth and accelerate strength gains.
  • It even reduces sedentary time.


The main and biggest concern while working out twice is, are you overtraining?

In order to reach fitness goals and lose weight, people tend to train way too much which results in overtraining which can then lead to injuries.

If the workouts are not scheduled correctly, overtraining can occur which will lead to health issues.

Sometimes people try to train twice a day to fit in all possible types and forms of exercises that they cannot do in one go. This is very wrong and a certain type of workout should be targeted in a given day.


  1. Rest is the most important. If you log in two workouts in a day, you must ensure your body has time to rest and recuperate. If not your muscles will get tired, they won’t be able to perform at their peak and then the workout becomes useless.
  2. Its all about balance: When you decide that you want to work out twice a day, you have to make sure that the workouts are balanced. Both workouts should not be super intensive. For instance, along with weight-training chose something lighter like a swim or a jog.
  3. Always hydrate: Water is a must during workouts. If you are dehydrated your muscles can get tired and jammed and can eventually fail while during the workouts.
  4. Do the more intensive workout first: When you wake up you have a good amount of energy to give your all in the intense workout and hence should choose to do that first. By the time, it is time for your second workout, your body will be tired and energy levels won’t be as high. It is smart here to do a light workout.
  5. Do not avoid your diet: In order for your body to sustain let alone two workouts, even just one workout, you need to eat right and balanced meals. Never skip meals as that will not at all help you reach where you want to be. Make sure you get in enough carbs, proteins and fats that are required to keep you going.
  6. Sleep: A good nights sleep is the last piece to the puzzle. Always make sure you log in 7-8 hours of sleep a day, as sleep is so important for the body. It is where the body rebuilds and repairs itself. The less you sleep, the less you recover and will feel stale the next day.


Whenever it comes to your body, make smart decisions and do not push your body beyond its limits.

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