Tight hamstrings can be a common issue for physically active people. The hamstring muscles are loaded in most sporting activities and workouts. Hence, they are susceptible to injuries.

Runners are the ones who will find that their hamstrings are tight and sore the most. 

For those who are not a hundred percent certain, hamstrings are a group of three muscles that originate from the hip and end at the back of the knee.


Since these groups of muscles are used in daily movements like walking, it is important that they are loose and open.

Here stretching will help the most. Yes, strengthening the hamstrings is important if you are an athletic person; but to avoid them from getting too tight, stretching will work the best.

Here is a list of 4 best stretches for tight hamstrings:

#1. Sitting stretch: 

This stretch is a fairly easy one. All you got to do is:

1. Sit on the ground/ any hard surface

2. Extend one leg 90 degrees and the other leg will be folded in a way your foot touches your straight leg knee

3. Now you’re in position so start the stretch by leaning forward. Try to touch both your hands to your toes (of the straight leg). If you are not able to touch your toes, try to hold your leg at the ankle.

4. Make sure you don’t lift any part of your straight leg, especially at the knee.

5. Hold this stretch for at least 20-30 seconds.

6. Do the same with the other leg.


#2. Laying down hamstring stretch:

For this stretch you’ll need to:

1. Lay on the floor or hard surface.

2. Keep one leg straight and the other should be in the air perpendicular to the floor.

3. Hold the back of the knee of the leg that is in the air, without bending the leg that’s on the floor.

4. This way you will feel a good stretch in the hamstrings of the leg that’s in the air.

5. You can use a towel/ resistance band to help you keep the leg in the air straight.

6. It is important to note that the leg in the air shouldn’t bend at the knee while stretching.

7. Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds and move on to the next leg.


#3. Chair-seated hamstring stretch:

For this, you’ll need a chair.

1. Start by sitting at the edge of the chair.

2. Keep both your feet flat on the floor in front of you.

3. Straighten one leg using the heel, make sure your toes are pointing upwards(towards the ceiling).

4. The other leg will remain bent.

5. Bend your body forward from your hips and hold your leg.

6. Hold this count for 20-30 seconds.

7. Come back to normal position and repeat with the other leg.

#4. Hamstring stretch on table/ at a height/ledge:

For this stretch, you’ll need a table or a ledge of some sort whereby your leg can raise 90 degrees or more.

1. Start with standing in front of the table or ledge with both feet flat on the ground.

2. Raise one leg and place it on the table/ledge so that it is at 90 degrees or more (depending on the height).

3. Bend your body in from your hips. Try to touch your toes with your hands. 

4. Make sure that the knees of both your legs don’t bend.

5. The toes of the leg that is on the ground should point forward in order to feel the full stretch.

6. Hold this stretch for 20-30 seconds.

7. Repeat on other the leg.


Whenever you load your hamstrings, make sure you stretch them well in order to avoid tight hamstring muscles.

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