If you have been playing Badminton or any other indoor sports for too long, you must be absolutely familiar with the concept of non marking shoes. If not, you should definitely know what it is about.

Non marking shoes are basically the kind of shoes having soles that don’t cause scuff marks on the surface of the indoor courts. These non marking shoes come with soles that are super soft, so they don’t leave an impression on the artificial surfaces. They are lighter than the regular shoes and are highly recommended. With the rise in the number of synthetic and wooden badminton surfaces in the country compared to the cemented surfaces, the use of non marking badminton shoes has increased by a huge margin.

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So what are the types of Non marking Badminton shoes that you can spot out of the shelves in the market? Let’s find out!

1) White Soled Non Marking Badminton Shoes

These are the most common non marking shoes that you can find in the market. Most non marking shoes are light soled so that they don’t leave any dirt marks on the surface. They also come with super soft soles which can be identified by pressing your finger against the sole of the shoe.

non marking badminton shoes for adults

2) Black Soled Non Marking Badminton Shoes

Some people prefer the colour black when it comes to shoes. So in order to suit an all black look, manufacturers also come up with black coloured soles that have non marking quality. These shoes have soles that are really soft so that they don’t leave any marks on the surface while playing.

black soled non marking shoes

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