Compression shorts are a rage and for good reason too! If you workout or play a sport and have never tried it before, you probably should. These shorts are about 15% smaller than the regular size that you wear.

a woman wearing compression shorts

They fit tight around the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. They are generally worn under regular short and are known to improve athletic performance and minimise the risk of a muscle strain. Source.

Some of the benefits of compression shorts:

  1. Compression: Well this one is obvious! Need muscle support? These shorts made from materials like spandex provide you just that without restricting movement.
  2. Lower risk of muscle soreness: Have you heard of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)? That’s the pain and stiffness that you feel post several hours of a strenuous physical activity. Wearing compression shorts helps in reducing that considerably and promoting faster recovery to get back to the field.
  3. Increased blood circulation: The muscles in your body are like soldiers working continuously to keep you moving. They need food in terms of oxygen and essential nutrients. Compression shorts are known to increase the blood circulation to the muscles enabling just that.
  4. Prevents muscle strains: These shorts help control the hamstrings while sprinting at the end of the swing phase. This assists in preventing muscle strains.
  5. Reduced chaffing: Intense athletic activities like sprinting, biking or jumping often lead to chaffing. Wearing compression shorts under the regular shorts reduces chaffing considerably.
  6. Improved perceived exertion: A lower perceived exertion is beneficial for high-intensity workout and sports. If it’s more effortless, it gets bearable and can be endured for long. Hence, the use of compression shorts improves perceived exertion resulting in better performance.
  7. Comfort: Many athletes find it very comfortable to wear compression shorts under their regular shorts as they don’t ride up while sprinting, jumping or even stretching.
  8. Regulates body temperature: They absorb the moisture and keep your body dry while working out. After a workout, these shorts help disperse the moisture and this cools down your body. This is beneficial as it improves performance and keeps your body feeling comfortable.

Compression shorts have various benefits but there isn’t enough research to back it up. Many athletes wear them and claim that they help improve their athletic performance.

At the end of the day, it is more about personal choice. Try them on, if it helps you perform better, it’ always worth the money!

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