From the raging fans to the unlimited year-round supply of football club merchandise, this sport has certainly got one of the highest fan-following in the world. The beauty and spirit of this sport have got millions of people around the world under a spell and when it’s a game night, you’ll find them in the local bars in enthusiastic groups, or stuck to their televisions until the game ends. So what makes this sport so exciting?
When asked many fans, these are the 10 reason why they think you should definitely watch football.

1) The Passion

soccer passion

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For the love of football. There is no explaining the passion, except you have to see it to believe it!

2) The crowds

borussia dortmund fans

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Watch this match at the stadium and rest assured it is the best atmosphere among any other sports.

3) The duration of the game is for 90 minutes only

Unlike many other sports, football doesn’t take up more than 90 minutes of your time, making it convenient to follow!

4) The rules are easy to follow


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When you’re a newbie in the world of football, it becomes easy to catch up with the sport as there are only 17 rules, called the soccer law by which the game is played.

5) The banter with your friends the following morning after the game night

The best feeling ever, to discuss the game and have an argument about the same which could go on for hours and hours! It definitely is a conversation starter.

6) Team Spirit is just wow!

You can relate a lot with the team you support, in turn finding out a lot about yourself and why you like that particular team, it says a lot about you (unless you’re a fake fan)!

7) The much-needed break

Everyone needs a break from their long week of exhaustion and what better way to do that, except to watch the game you’ve been waiting for with your buddies and with a beer. There’s a reason people call this a beautiful game!

8) Fitness Motivation

Watching this game doesn’t end just there. You’ll be inspired to indulge in this sport as well, and there is no better way to keep up with fitness than playing a game of football!

9) Community pride

manchester united fans

Image: The Sun

You support man-united and the other person does too? That’s good enough a reason to call him a brother from another mother. Football fans are devoted to their respective clubs, and this wave extends across the globe, forming a community for their respective clubs, and binding them together with what better else than football merchandise

10) It boosts happiness

Last but not the least, it boosts happiness. Research proves that people, who identify themselves as a sports fan, tend to have lower rates of depression and high self-esteem than the ones that don’t.


There are plenty of other reasons why one should become a fan of this amazing sport, apart from just a few mentioned above. But the bottom line is that watching football gives you something to talk about, to share and to bond with others, hence leaving you with a sense of joy. So what are you waiting for?

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