If you haven’t played Football, you’re missing out. If you do play Football, don’t stop. The benefits of Football are plenty.

Football is one such sport that can be played anywhere by anyone. Even if you don’t have 11 a side, never let that stop you.

Football is easier to play because, besides a ball, you don’t really need anything. Sure, a goalpost is needed; but by now we are champions at improvising. Football definitely has a social aspect to it and unites players. But along with that, it is great for our mental, physical and cardiovascular health.

So what are these amazing benefits of Football?

Benefits of Football-

1.Mental Toughness-

Playing a sport like Football can help one to deal with stress and anxiety. Besides being an amazing stress buster, Football can help you feel very relaxed and calm.

It can even stimulate the mood enhancing hormones and make you feel much better overall.

2. Cardiovascular health and strength-

As Football involves a lot of running around, it helps one build their stamina. The constant movement on the field proves to be a great cardiovascular exercise.

Football involves other activities like jumping, kicking, tackling and twisting. These activities when performed over time help develop strength in the body.

The whole body is used while playing Football and this leads to an increase in overall body strength.

3. Teamwork-

Knowing to work in a team or with a group of people is a skill that can be used in many parts of our life, especially our work life.

We deal with many kinds of people and have to learn to work with them. Playing Football gives you a sense of how to manage all that.

It helps you realise that you are only as strong as your team and that working together is the way to go.

4. Increase in cognitive brain function-

While playing Football, one must make quick decisions. You have to remain focused. It aids in improving self-discipline, persistence and concentration.

Having a good cognitive brain function is good for overall mental well-being.

5. Promotes teamwork-

The ability to learn to work with someone to reach the same goal is one that would work wonders in life.

Sharing the same goal and working together as a unit to achieve that goal is a very useful trait to have.

Football also teaches us how to not be selfish and that if a team wins, it’s due to everyone’s effort and not just one person alone.

We learn the art of winning and losing.

6. Social benefits-

Football is a great platform to make new friends and connections. One learn’s how to communicate, exchange opinions/ points of view and form bonds.

The friendships that are created via Football tend to last for long.

Besides, Football is a fun game that can we enjoyed with a group of friends.


A sport like Football can have many benefits. The benefits aren’t just physical. Though it really strengthens the body, increases stamina and cardiovascular health, that’s just one aspect of it.

The mental and social benefits of Football are plenty. It helps a person relax, destress and become confident.

Football is so much more than just a sport

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