Interval training or as it is known popularly, high-intensity interval training is a very effective way of training and keeping your body fit. Interval training consists of alternate short, high-intensity bursts of physical activity with calculated gaps of rest and recovery in between.

Research has proven that doing an interval training workout session can burn more calories in the short run than normal cardio-related activities.

Basically, the alternate periods of high-intensity activity with low-intensity recovery is what helps you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Interval training is not that easy to do, so it may take some time for one to get used to it or to even keep up with it. But that in no way should be a deterrent for one to never try it.

Once your body gets used to interval training, you will reach your fitness goals faster.

So what are the benefits of interval training? They are:

#1. You burn A LOT of calories:

Interval training will help you burn more calories than normal cardiovascular activities like jogging or running. The short amount of rest periods followed by a burst of high-intensity activity will make you use more energy than any other exercise.

It is said that even two hours after stopping one continues to burn calories as it is that taxing on the body.

#2. Interval training workouts can boost your endurance:

Whenever you feel like you’re slowing down, just push yourself for the next 50-60 seconds. You will see that this push that you wouldn’t have otherwise added in your regime will give you a boost in your endurance. 

This boost in your endurance will go a long way and help you to do higher intensity workouts for a longer time.

#3. It can help you lose weight and build muscle:

Doing interval training won’t just help you burn excess fat, it will also help you tone your muscles. This is because during interval training we use the same muscles over and over again which will make them stronger. 

Even though most people lose weight doing interval training, not all tend to put on muscle mass.

#4. It improves oxygen efficiency in the muscles:

In order for your muscles to function properly, they need as much oxygen as possible. Doing interval training has proven to help one’s muscles ability to absorb more and more oxygen. This enables the muscles to function properly during a workout. The ability of the muscle to consume oxygen is also known as oxidative capacity.

#5. You get full-body training with variations:

High-intensity training combines various forms of exercises which helps in targeting the whole body at once. You can have a combination of weight training, cardio-based training, isometric based training as well as stretches together. It is on you to choose what kind of exercises you want to include during your interval training session.

Hence all muscles can be targeted which will result in full-body training.

Interval training is something you should try as it will help you lose all the excess weight you’ve been wanting to burn and it will keep your health and happiness.

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