Basketball is a game centred around shotting the ball through the defender’s hoop. This extremely popular team sport requires one team to shoot more baskets than the opposing team.

There are a number of basketball shots that we come across and these are worth giving a shot:

  • Dunk

The dunk or the slam dunk is an extremely exciting basketball shot. A dunk is performed when a player jumps in the air and puts the ball in the basket. All this is done while making sure that the player controls the ball above the horizontal plane of the rim.

The ball is put into the basket using one or both hands. Players performing the slam dunk needs to be able to launch themselves in the air in such a way that they can extend their arms allowing the ball to go safely into the basket.

  • Alley-Oop

Alley-oop is a basketball play which requires timing, teamwork and finishing.

This is an offensive move that is made when one player passes the ball to a teammate who jumps and puts the ball in the basket without giving it an opportunity to touch the ground or get taken away.

The teammate catches the ball mid-air and dunks it. It is an extremely popular quick score option. The alley-oop is an interesting move and it never fails to get the crowd on its feet.

Perfecting an alley-oop shot requires practice and who better to look up to than the number 1 Alley-Oop duo of all time, Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton.

  • Mid-Range

Mid-range jump shots are those shots which are taken outside the key but within the three-point line. Mastering this shot is crucial as it is taken from the busiest areas of the court.

Good footwork and unpredictable body movements are important to make this shot. Working on mid-range shots is not difficult however it does involve serious training along with the right drills.

  • Fade Away

Fadeaway or fall-away is a type of shot that is taken when the player jumps backwards. The player jumps away from the basket and the space created between the shooter and defender makes it hard for the latter to defend. This shot requires more accuracy than a regular jump shot.

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