Hockey is a very physically challenging game and one needs to do proper cool-down after a match.

After a good game of hockey, all you need to do is cool-down and prepare yourself for the next match. Here are few cool-down exercises that you can try.


Cool down exercises are extremely important as they help bring the heart rate and breathing back to normal. It provides a smooth transition from exercise to a steady state of rest. It gives the muscles a chance to relax and helps avoid fainting and dizziness.

  • Shoulder Stretches

There are a number of shoulder stretches which can be done to cool down. It opens up your shoulders and increases your range of motion. They are as simple as stretching out your arms in the opposite direction to stretching them out above your head.

  • Quad Stretch

Quad Stretches are done by standing on one foot. The right foot is pulled back by the arm towards the buttocks. And the chest and hips are pushed outwards. This is repeated with the left foot as well.

The kneeling quad stretch is a stretch which can be done is by getting into a lunge position. The left foot is placed forward and the right knee is placed on the floor. Once ready lean back and hold the ankle or toes of the right leg and stay in that position for 20-30 seconds. This is then repeated with the other leg as well.

  • Reclining Twists

Reclining twists are done by lying on your back with your arms on either side. As you exhale, both the knees are to be bent over to the left and send your gaze over to the right. As you inhale, come back to the centre. And do the same on the right side with gaze over to the left side. This stretch encourages mobility along your spine and stretches your back and shoulders as well.


These are few stretches that you can do after Hockey and do not neglect cool- down as cool-down is as important as a warm-up.

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