Boxing is a competitive fighter sport and if you are trying out this sport, then we have a few tips.

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Vijender Singh Boxing During CWG 2014

This contact sport involves two people wearing gloves and throwing punches at each other for a particular period of time in the boxing ring. It is a great workout and requires speed, agility and power. Boxing requires mental as well as physical strength and brings out the true fighter in all of us.

Here are a few basics before you get started with boxing:

  • Stance

It is the basic position from where you shift and fight. Start off with keeping your hips parallel to the ground. Things to keep in mind while getting into this stance is- both your feet do not have to be in line with each other and it is preferable to get into a triangular stance.

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With Chin Slightly Downwards And Face Behind The Gloves, You Can Get Into The Perfect Stance

Your feet should be shoulder width apart and at a 45-degree angle. Meanwhile, elbows should be down with hands up. Head behind the gloves with chin slightly down.

  • Basic Punches

  1. Jab: This is done by extending an arm straight out as you step forward with the front foot. 
  2. Cross: Step front as you rotate your hips you punch. Punch with your right arm (in line with the shoulder) across the midline of your body (toward the left), while pivoting toward the left on the ball of your right foot. Pull your arm back into the starting position, returning to face the front. Do this with the other arm as well.
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    Jab, Cross, Hook And Uppercut Are The Basic Punches You Need To Learn

  3. Hook: This short-range punch involves keeping the arm at a 90-degree bend. The elbow lifted is to be parallel to the floor and pivot on lead foot to turn knee and roll hip for more power.
  4. Uppercut: Uppercut is done by dropping the shoulders, bending the arms and throwing punches from the ground up as you turn hip and pivot foot.
  • Ducking

Ducking is a defensive technique used when an opponent throws a shot. The hips are sent back while bending the knees and shifting body weight from one leg to the other as you rise back up.

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Ducking Is Used To Defend From The Opposition

  • Basic Defense Techniques

Learning how to block is one of the most important things for beginners. It keeps you safe and closes off various punching angles. This can be done by covering your face with both your hands or by simply blocking with one glove while punching with the other.

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Blocking Can Save You From Being Hit On The Face

While doing this it is advisable to keep elbows close to you and step back.

  • Breathing Technique

Many times we forget to breathe. It comes to us naturally till we are in a position where it really matters. The goal is to ensure the body has enough oxygen supply so that you don’t have to make a conscious effort on your breathing. The preferred breathing method is to inhale through the nose and exhale in bursts through the mouth. These short bursts are during slips, punches, ducks etc.


Boxing is a great workout and an extremely challenging sport. Knowing about these basics will make you feel like a boss at your first boxing class or among your friends!

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