Fitness has always been the one important criteria in all our lives, especially after a certain age. The minute we see ourselves entering mid-20s and the little tummy bulging out of our pants, we suddenly become “Fitness Conscious”. We start counting calories, plan on diets, talk to our friends about it, inquire about what to eat and what not to eat and finally do the one thing that everybody does – Join a Gym. And what happens after joining a gym? Hundreds of cheat meals follow, diets disappear¬†because why? You were gonna work out anyway. After a while, even going to the gym suddenly starts disappearing from the “To-do” list. After getting back to old ways, the realization starts and the cycle repeats. This is how it is for most of us and we are not counting the exceptions in.

If you are just like one of us who have had the struggle of having to go the gym but never found the time to do so regularly, then this will be of great use to you to work on your fitness. Because hey! You don’t have to get a gym membership for this.

1) When was the last time you took a long walk?

Take a walk

Walking reduces health risks

Walking is one of the best exercises you can ever find and can never be substituted. In ancient days, Transport was limited, so people used to take long walks to commute to their space. This kept them hale and healthy. Whereas now, most of the travel happens through cabs or private transport and has crippled our physical activity and health. So we suggest you start walking at least for one hour every day and then notice the change in your body.

2) When was the last time you played a sport?


Our childhood was filled with sports every day or the other. It was our best time pass. But as we grew older we never found time to make this a practice and hence became dormant when it came to fitness. If you want to get back to your gold old days, then make sure you start practicing your favourite sport. Or even better you can learn a new sport. Playing sports regularly helps in reducing weight and tones your muscles. You sweat, you move and you flex. Also, it is a whole lot funnier when it comes to playing team sports. Do you agree?

3) Do you take the stairs often?

After the inception of elevators, the stairs are long forgotten. Would you mind taking it every day if your health is gonna improve that way? Most of us have desk jobs where we spend almost 9 hours sitting on a chair. This means no proper physical activity for 5 days of the week, which in turn serves you with the belly fat. So instead of taking the lift every day, substitute it with stairs for a month and see how your body gets better with it.

4) How many liters of water do you drink per day?

girl drinking water

Have you noticed that every time you drink water before a meal or during a meal you feel so full and that stops you from over eating? This is one best way to cheat your body and eat less. That apart, drinking enough water a day keeps you hydrated and makes you lose weight eventually. You need to drink 8 ounces of water a day and do minimal exercises or just walking.. There you go, you are on the road to fitness already.

5) Do you go Dog walking?

Hiking with dogs

Image: DogsAholic

If you are too bored walking alone, then this is the best substitute for you. Dogs need to walk every day, so getting yourself a furry pet means you have to walk your dog which benefits you back. It is quite interesting to go dog walking and will help you work on your fitness level.

Changing your ever day activities bit by bit will be more than enough to get you back on your fitness track. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, take a long walk, drink loads of water and the add-on activity – PLAY A SPORT. You are good to go!

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