Football is probably the one truly global sport and is practised at the amateur level on a variety of surfaces and conditions. Amateur football has its own charm, driving players to give their best to win the day even if there is nothing at stake but pride. To conquer these moments, the players have to be equipped with the right boots; and as every weekend warrior will tell you – it is not an easy task.

The football boot can have a significant effect on your performance – choose the wrong boot and you not only risk performing under par but also injuring yourself. So how do you go about selecting your boot? Here are a few aspects to keep in mind –

Playing surface

This is perhaps the most logically simple step. Buy a boot based on the surface you are playing on. You don’t have to be too specific, but having one for real grass and another for turf seems like a good option. While this could mean extra investment to purchase a couple of different boots, it gives you better performance, comfort and safety. Plus, think of it this way – having separate boots for a couple of years is practically the same as having one boot at a time, but having to buy a new boot a year later to replace your old boot which was worn out from playing on multiple surfaces. If you want to push it further – have a changer boot so you alter the length of your studs to adjust to the ground condition.

Fit to feet

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Yes, we all want that “love at first sight” pair of boots. But when it comes to actual performance, maybe going for “love at first wear” is a wiser decision. Boots which fit you right, give you better comfort and control, not just with the ball, but also in movement. And while you should not give up your brand loyalty at the drop of a hat, trying out boots from different brands is a good idea because you never know which boot fits your feet and touches your heart.

Leather vs Synthetic?

I know. Obviously leather, right? More comfortable. Sounds authentic. Adidas and Nike are talking about Kangaroo leather in their ads. Sold! But this is 2017. Big brands have high-quality synthetic shoes which also provide comfort and the right fit. While leather boots are known to stretch and take the shape of your feet, good quality synthetic shoes could be the perfect fit from the off as well. Plus, here’s incentive for you – synthetic shoes are much easier to clean and maintain. So if you are someone who likes leaving their muddy boots in the bag for days, you might want to consider synthetic boots.

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Look the part

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Now that we have covered the technical part, it’s time to address matters of the heart. If you feel good in your boots, your confidence level is sky high every time you step out on the pitch. So if you want to go for the boots that your footballing idol wears or a boot which just catches your attention the moment you walk in the store and keeps drawing you to it like a siren’s call, by all means, go for it! If it is a good brand, there is a good chance that you won’t have to compromise too much on comfort, fit and control.

There you have it – football boots 101 for dummies. Now all you need to do is step into a store, try out your boots, and step on to the pitch to be the hero that your team needs…and deserves!

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