It is extremely important to make sure that you never run with a loose shoe in a marathon, it is important to ensure that you have a perfectly aligned bat in cricket. Similarly, it is equally important to choose the perfect badminton racket to ensure a victory. Similarly, choosing appropriate strings to ensure a perfect stroke is maybe even more important. Here are a few points which are extremely useful for a racket owner.

String elasticity

From day one the strings of a badminton racket absorb tension and pressure. For this reason, it is extremely necessary to make sure that every thread must maintain equal tension. There are times when you might need a powerful stroke but with a few loose cables, you might not be able to deliver the same.

Sweet Spot

To analyze the string strength all you need to do is check the sweet spot with a powerful smash to ensure that strings are well tensed and ready to use in the competition.

Tension levels

A higher tension is always good to place the deadliest strokes on your opponent. Sometimes it might be tough make the shuttle hit it. This is the reason why it is prescribed to the beginner to increase the tension levels eventually. Tension level generally starts from beginners which are in best cases 17 to 20 lbs and goes up to a professional level which is 27 to 30 lbs.

Different types of strings

There are many materials used in strings to ensure the perfect most play and this might come as a surprise to most of you that there are 4 types of strings made for different playing styles.

Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube

For high revulsion power and increased durability, this type of string is ideally used for the power play and best for the professionals. The same string is durable and can cast the deadliest smashes if handled properly.


Its multifilament and high stretch and fine diameter make it a perfect choice for both professionals and beginners. According to the tension levels, the same can cope up and adjust. Also, it absorbs the impact and thus makes it easy for the striker to make a well-directed attack.

Hydro Titanium

The ultimate hard-hitting tool for the ultimate smashers the compound of titanium hydride coating provides it the sharpest hit to the shuttle. Also, perhaps the most durable string a pro can find for a competition.


Made with no centre core but still provides the utmost durability for all types of plays. It happens due to the thousands of different strands of fibres twisted together to be one fine string. It generally comes with a slight outer coating to add some durability to comfort. An ideal tool for beginners as it absorbs the shocks like no other and provides the utmost control on the racket for a well-guided counter. There the only problem is that they are prone to lose tension easily.

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