Entire humanity came to a standstill when the deadly virus decided to take a stroll around the world. From the offices to the malls and our courts everything that an individual’s life revolved around, ceased to function.

Many thought that the doomsday was nearing, while for a lot of us, our mental health hit the downward slope.

Socializing is a fundamental factor for the well-being of a person. Apart from that, body movement is another important determinant. Therefore, when the pandemic set in, a lot of us started losing both peace and piece of our mind.

Adding to the chaos was jobs and lives that were at risk, amidst all that, the sedentary lifestyle and infamous work hours started draining away our space and consciousness unwaveringly.

Now that we have started settling down with the new normal, mental health should become our topmost priority because there is no evidence yet on the longevity of this situation.

Before the pandemic, we had minimal movement throughout the day whether it is walking from the office to the nearby tea stall or walking to the pantry for another cup of coffee. That movement is quite essential.

Sitting in front of the laptop, watching the positive cases rise, ordering food can lead to damaging your mental as well as physical health. While on the other hand, playing a sport or doing a physical activity related to the sport can benefit your mind and body exponentially.

Playing a sport will lessen your stress that has been built throughout the day, help you sleep better and improve the flexibility of the joints.

Aditionally, sports ensure improved cardiovascular activity, reduces blood pressure and helps battle feelings of anxiety, sharpens focus and improve self-esteem.

Apart from speaking to a certified counsellor, you can go back to calling your old friends, distant family members or invest some time in a new hobby.

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5 activities that you can do at home for the betterment of mental health:

#1. Walk

Walking will not help you lose a lot of weight or may not be the greatest workout that you are looking for but for starters walking around the house will help.

#2. Skipping

As kids, we loved skipping ropes but who knew a time would come during adulthood that we could go back to it. Skipping doesn’t require another person, also can be done at home or terrace.

#3. Dance

Looking to add a new skill? Dancing will not only help you do that but is an amazing cardio exercise too. Plus it takes away all the stress!

#4. Yoga

The journey here is not only outwards but also inwards. Yoga will help you move and will calm down your mind too. Stick to it and you will see wonderful results soon!

#5. Juggling

Now we all have something or the other at home that we can start juggling with. To add a little bit extra drama, you can start joggling or walk and juggle.

During these testing times, it is challenging to stay calm, try out other forms of activities like Barre, Zumba, Tabata. Attempt various types of fastings that are out there but listen to your body and move.

How about giving a shot at hula hoops this weekend?

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