Fitness, health and entertainment are not the requirements of today but date back to ancient times, things which were governed by the royals. They took to various sports and games to achieve these goals. The most that fascinated the royals, were the games of racquets-badminton and tennis as they were easily accessible to them.

Modification and popularity crossed over the royal boundaries and took Badminton and Tennis to every sports lover. The reason being the immense benefits, pride and huge prize money at stake. To be into these games, let’s know what it takes to get our hands on them.

We begin with the game of strength, stamina and patience. This goes to say that Tennis is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you possess these 3 ingredients, and are willing to devote them to the game and can go that extra mile to earn the glitters it offers, then let’s begin.

Playing the Game

Each player has at his/her disposal a strung racquet to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with yellow optic-generally termed as a tennis ball on a flat rectangular surface, which can be either grass, clay, or a hardcourt of concrete and/or asphalt – 78 feet (23.77 m) long and 27 feet (8.23 m) wide court for singles and 36 feet (10.97 m) wide court for doubles matches.

The Beginning

One player begins as a server behind the baseline, between the centre mark and the sideline and the one on the opposite side is the receiver. The receiver has no such regulation, he/she can stand anywhere on their side of the net to return the serve. The serve should move over the net without touching it into a diagonally opposite service box. A legitimate return means that a player has to hit the ball, once before it has bounced twice or has hit any fixture, other than the net, provided that it still falls in the server’s court.


Forehand Stroke

This stroke in tennis is considered as a natural shot and a way of putting your maximum strength in it to outsmart the opponent. Therefore it is the most lethal tactic adopted by players.

Backhand Stroke

It is the opposite of your forehand stroke which means a right-handed player has to hit the ball from the left side of his/her body and left-handed from the right. In the beginning, you might face hardships to execute the stroke but the practising it can give you the upper hand.

Tennis Lob

It can be executed as an attacking or defensive shot. It takes place by hitting the ball high and at a distance into the opponent’s area. Attacking lob shot comes into play when the opponent is at the net. The defensive, pushes the opponent back, giving you time to get back to terms.

Overhead Shot

It is played above the opponent’s head. You can also term it as a smash shot because it is accompanied with immense power. And if done right it is a point for the executor.


It is a shot played before the ball bounces on the ground. The volley comes into play when you are mostly at the net. It can also take place when you are in the middle or even on the baseline.


Speed, agility, capacity for playing long, and flexibility are other essentials needed in tennis to script victory.


A player has got to have it to emerge as a winner with well placed and accurate shots. After all maintaining balance minimizes injuries. Exercises and drills are the nutrients to it.


Further, train under a good coach who can help you prepare a game plan to get the better of your opponent. To aid you in getting better match practice, AITA (All India Tennis Association) has 100s of tournaments. Over 40 ITF (International Tennis Federation) and ATP Challenger tournaments also take place in India.


Tennis stars like Sania Mirza, Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi, Amritraj brothers and their likes who earned immense laurels at international tournaments like Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, The US Open and their likes have made tennis to survive in India.

Now switching over to a game bit similar but less exhaustive. I am speaking about Badminton.

The Fast and The Furious

This game of quick reflexes of smashing the shuttle into the opposition domain was born in the United States in the late 19th century and gained prominence as a sport in the 1930s. Its christening was a combination of words-Shuttlecock and Battledore. As the game made its first presence at the Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England with lots of people in the Royal families enjoyed it playing, it earned the name Badminton.

This action-oriented game

Is a cluster of a range of actions like running, stretching, jumping, throwing, running back or striking, etc. along with quick reflexes, endurance, accuracy and agility, better eye contact which proves your worth and can be instrumental in winning the game.



They are the strongholds of winners and have to be really very strong but at the same time very light to deliver the goods. Now, let’s look into the basics which are a part of every great badminton player.


This 16 feathered tool should be no more than 5.50 gms. which is able to take a beating of speed ranging from 200 miles/hr.


The racquet needs to be held with the forehand and backhand grip. This will aid in executing lethal shots.


Displaying good footwork will make your movement in the court easy to return shots of your opponent.

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Strokes are a sort of swing action to hit the shuttle into your opponent’s court.


A badminton rally begins with a serve. Good serves will help you get the better of your opponent right from the word go.

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It’s your stance that will help in defence and attack. So the stance has got to be right. You should know and master the offensive, defensive and net stance to be on top of the game.

So to become a great player, master your basics by undergoing strenuous training. Once these fall in line, other shots will follow suit.


Defensive High Clear/Lob

Lobbying the shuttle is considered as a defensive shot. When you’re proper position, playing high clear/lob shots will give you time to recover.

Drop Shots

It means that dropping the shuttle, short of your opponent’s reach. You should be able to produce a variation of them.


Even smashes are known to end a rally. It is the most technique to win a point.

Net Play

You can dominate the front area of the court with good net playing skills. Tumbling net shot, net kill, and net lift are the ones to learn.


This game is donned by singles players, one each on the opposite side (male or female), doubles and mixed doubles. They all sweat it out to make an impact worth noticeable.


Your mobility is a mirror of your reflexes, which is very well represented in badminton where swinging and reaching the shuttle is dearly needed. It reduces or eliminates many health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, apart from the fitness of your body.


Nervousness takes a dip and confidence rises with exposure. And to expand your creativity of the game you need to have exposure to good tournaments.

Tournaments that’ll give you exposure of the highest order.


Junior Nationals

Syed Modi India Grand Prix Gold

Senior National Badminton Championships



The popularity of badminton can be gauged from the fact that it has become the second sport in India after Cricket. Our country has produced jewels like Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, and the recent one is Kidambi Srikanth. More are in the offing.

You too can be one of them. Now it is up to you. Decide to rise.

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