Want To Make Kids Play? Sport is an important aspect of one’s life. But introducing sports like Tennis in one’s life would be more beneficial if done as early as possible. This is because kids tend to adapt well and can set a good foundation in the sport early on in their life. The later you start the harder it may get to be set in the sport.

Introducing a sport like Tennis isn’t as easy as handing a kid a racket and ball and telling them to play. It takes much more than just that. Showing them the fun side and making it interactive will surely grab a kid’s attention and will be a great way to introduce Tennis to them.

A game like Tennis that is so technical can be difficult to introduce to a child, let alone master. These techniques can make learning Tennis look like a task to a child and can put them off. Hence breaking it down step by step and teaching in fun and exciting ways can help keep your child interested.

#1. Make it fun:

Sports, in general, have rules to follow and these rules can make children feel restricted. Instead of teaching children just the rules of Tennis making the game look like a fun activity is the right way to go about introducing the sport.

While making the children learn Tennis, certain drills should be introduced to help in laying the basic foundation. These drills should be made fun and age-appropriate with rules that reinforce the correct mechanics and even the correct principles of the game of Tennis.

#2. Parents should be involved:

While introducing your child to Tennis, try and get involved. Do not feel like just because you do not know how to play Tennis that you should not be involved. 

Being involved in your child’s activities can help them enjoy it even more. It can also make them look forward towards pursuing it. It can become a social and interactive activity for them

#3. Make it a social activity:

A great way to introduce Tennis to a child is to make that a fun and social thing for a child to do which the child will look forward to doing. Getting your child to go for Tennis classes with his/her friends will keep your child’s interest in Tennis intact. 

Even helping your child meet new children his/her age at the Tennis class can help with successfully being able to introduce the sport to your child.

Kids do love to play around have fun but if they had no company their age, your kid can slowly start to lose interest. 

While introducing a sport like Tennis to a child, it is important never to force the child into doing something they do not want to. Tennis should be introduced in such a way that the child really enjoys and looks forward to playing again. Binding them with rules and restrictions can result in a loss of interest in the sport.


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