There are several controversies around why 11-a-side Football is better than 5-a-side but considering the amount of space we have for playing a particular sport, 5-a-side courts are now our go-to thing!

5-a-side football ground

5-a-side Football has now taken over the nation given the compact space required and the number of people.

Though 5-a-side is a variation of 11-a-side, there are significant changes that happen while you shift from one form of play to another.

The first change you will notice is the variations in the dimensions of the pitch. Here is what a 5-a-side pitch looks like:

5 a side football pitch size

5-a-side pitch dimensions are way different from the 11-a-side pitch.

The recommended dimensions of 5-a-side football pitch are:

  • Pitch Measurement: 36 meter long by 27 meters wide.
  • Penalty Shot: 6 meters from the midpoint of the goal line.
  • Centre Spot: Centre of the pitch, radius 1 meter.
  • Goalkeepers area: Forming a semi-circle from the centre of the goal line at a radius of  7.5 meters.
  • Goal Post:  Height 1.22 meters and 4.88 meters width.

Rules of 5-a-side:

  1. There is no offside rule.
  2. The goalkeeper is only supposed to pass the ball to other players only using a hand.
  3. Headers are allowed.
  4. The goalkeeper may only kick the ball if he wants to save it.
  5. Charging tackles are awarded a yellow card.


5-a-side is pretty much fun to play like 11-a-side but it is generally played more informally, therefore, the rules, tactics and the formations are flexible.

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