Players do several types of warm-up before the game. But have you ever thought about the benefits? Find out why your warm-up should include dynamic agility.

Before you go on court to play your session or even just before a match, it is really important that your muscles are warmed up and are awake. Just standing and moving around your arms and touching your toes won’t cut it.

Ever wondered why your body is not moving on the court or your muscles are too stiff? Well, it is because you have not warmed up properly. Doing a proper dynamic warm-up will ensure that your muscles open up and that they are ready to play.

By just jogging you may not activate your muscles completely. Although jogging for 5-8 minutes before play is recommended every time, it may not be enough. Along with jogging, you should also incorporate dynamic agility drills that are quick to do and also prepare the body.

So the golden question is, what is dynamic warm-up?

Dynamic warmup generally compromises of dynamic stretching(not static stretching) along with controlled movements through a various range of motions which include agility and polymeric activities.

Typically dynamic warm-up consists of movements like side running, high knee running, walking lunges and more.

See this to understand what a good dynamic warm-up is all about:

A lot of people ask, why warm up? Well here’s why:

Warming up prior to playing or getting on the court should be done without fail every single time or else you are at risk of getting injured. Warming up is a way of waking up your body and alerting it that it needs to get ready for what is to come next.

If you have just walked onto the court simply without even so much as a toe touch, it may take you 15 minutes of play for your body to wake up. One cannot afford to do that prior to a match or even before a good session of play.

Stepping on the court without warm-up, one may find it hard to react to the shuttle, or difficult to reach places. One may even struggle in hitting accurate shots. This is due to the fact that the body isn’t ready for play and the muscles are not activated.

By doing dynamic warm up like a few agility drills, the blood pumps and reaches all the muscles required. This is very important as this is when the body is ready for play.

Another important thing to understand is that generally in a given day we do not get so many opportunities to move in our complete range of motion. But during play, we exert ourselves and bodies. Hence it is important that we warm up completely and not skip it.

Another huge advantage of dynamic warmup is that it decreases the resistance of muscles and joints thereby increasing one’s mobility to move all over the court with ease. Dynamic warmup also increases nerve conductivity which means that our reaction time increases.


Now since you have read about the benefits of warming up in a dynamic way, never step onto the court without doing it. You will definitely see an improvement in your movements and reactions.

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