Want to break away from the cliché norms this Valentine’s Day? How about a fun couple workout for a change?

Let’s talk about five cool exercises that you can to do get fit, fabulous and get the endorphins pumping!

A couple workout is not only fun but it also keeps you motivated. Don’t worry; these exercises don’t need any equipment and you certainly don’t need to go to a gym. This can be done anywhere and everywhere! So put on your favourite fitness gear and let’s jump to it!

  • Pushups to alternate high plank reaches: Facing each other get into a high plank position. Do a pushup and as you come up (in a high plank position), extend one arm straight ahead till your hands touch your partner’s opposite hand.

Dip down into a push up again and reach out with the other arm. If you find a strict pushup difficult, you can put your knee down. Finish 10 pushup alternating with 5 high plank reaches each side. [

  • Partner pistol squats: Stand facing each other holding opposite hands. Maintaining a firm grip stick out the left leg and sit back on your right leg by bending the knee (as low as possible). Get back up and make sure to keep the core tight. Get 5 to 10 repetitions on each side.
  • Sit up throws: Sit on the floor facing each other with your legs bent slightly. Hold a light medicine ball (or a football) and lie down. Come up into a sit-up position together and throw the ball over to your partner. Go down again and repeat by throwing the ball back over as you come up. Make sure to get 20 passes in total.

Take this quiz if you assume that you know everything about our sports couple.

  • Alternate plank and burpee: This is fairly simple. One partner holds a plank while the other one does a burpee. Keeps alternating till you do 10 burpees each.

AND finally, the finisher- if you are not already feeling the burn this sure will get the job done. Are you ready to get a little competitive? Let’s do this!

  • The AD/DC Thunderstruck challenge: You have got to love AC/DC- The iconic Australian rock band. The move is a squat jump and. You get into a quarter squat and then jump high extending your ankles, knees and hips. So here is how it will work. Play the AD/DC song, Thunderstruck.

Hold a quarter squat and every time you hear the word “thunder” jump and get back into the quarter squat hold till you hear the word again. Simple right?  P.S: The song is almost 5 minutes long! Let’s see which one of you gets through this. Remember that you have to hold the quarter squat throughout the song and jump only when you hear the word “thunder.”

There it is! 5 fun exercises to get fit together and have a great time with each other. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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