Playing sports together is not just a recreational and social activity. It can go much deeper than that. It can be used as a platform to bond with your partner. Yes, you read that right.

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Instead of going for a movie or lunch date, planning to play a sport that you both are interested in will help you get closer to your partner. In team sports like cricket, football etc couples have to work together as a whole which makes them feel united. They have to plan, strategise and play together which gives them a sense of being united and together.

Playing a sport both partners are interested in something that will be life long bonding activity. It is things like similar interest in sports that really help couples make that much needed connection which holds them strong together even in bad times.

But besides it being such a great bonding agent, these are the other few reasons as to why “COUPLES WHO PLAY TOGETHER ,STAY TOGETHER”

  • Increased happiness: It has been proved that couples who do physically challenging exercises and activities like playing sports or going to the gym are likely to be more happy and satisfied. They tend to be more in love with their partners as their interests are more aligned.
  • Keeps each other motivated: Whether it’s sports, work life or just in general, motivation is something everybody needs. Having a partner at your side to motivate you to play better or to reach your fitness goals is amazing and can go a long way.

On a lazy day, if are not too motivated to go out and play/exercise your partner can be the one giving you that extra push to get out and get in physical exercise for the day.

  • Boost in confidence: Couples that play together and get fit together have this sense of confidence that can’t be achieved in any other way. Sweating it out together makes them look great and very fit in appearance. Together they maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle which can make them glow with confidence.
  • Emotional bond gets even stronger:  Playing tennis, badminton, football, going for a run, doing yoga etc together as a couple has a long-lasting positive impact on the relationship. It gets couples closer to one another and it makes couples more affectionate towards each other. This helps in decreasing arguments and negativity.
  • Gives other couples #goals: When other couples interact with couples who play together, they will sense this feeling of closeness and happiness which is something every couple wants. Couples who play together appear healthy, fit and happy which gives some serious goals to other couples.

Their infectious glow and beaming confidence make other couples want to be like that.


Playing sports together is something all couples should consider to do. You never know it may just be the much needed spark in your relationship.

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