To play any sport professionally, you need to have the right equipment. Here is a list of essential equipment for racket sports.

To begin with, racquet sports popular in India include Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Squash and Racquetball. These 5 racquet sports usually have 2-4 opponents to play using their racquets.  Having these equipment will ensure that you face any type of crisis while playing your sport.

  1. Racquet

You have got to have racquets for all the above sports. However, the racquet for table tennis is called paddle. Paddles are also used while playing Ping Pong.

Racquets are the most essential and first equipment to begin your play with.  A few racquet styles are head – light, head – heavy and a combination of these two.  Always test play before you purchase them because they come in various thickness, heads, colour, lengths and weights.

Having a grip on your racquet will ensure longevity and tighter grip. For squash players, you may get a different squash grip or a replacement grip.

You may apply the overgrip over the handle according to the thickness of your choice. Overgrip come in a variety of tacky, breathable and cushioned.

2. Can of balls

You may use a can of balls for all other racquet sports excluding badminton. You may require a shuttlecock or a birdie. Feather or nylon shuttlecocks, you should always carry a tube of them.  


If you’re a beginner, nylon one is the match for you because it’s durable and is made of synthetic. For a pro, feather ones are the best which shouldn’t weigh more than 5.5 grams.

A can of yellow or orange or white balls requires a ball holder as well. Each can carries 3 or 4 balls but a ball holder has wider options or you may prefer a single ball holder. However, the best option is to purchase shorts with pockets so that set of balls is more accessible.

3. Strings

Strings come in three types – natural gut, synthetic comprising nylon, polyester, Kevlar and hybrid or the mixed type. While playing, your racquet strings may form tension and break. So carry a string set handy and a pair of scissors as well. The scissors can also be useful to cut the replacement grip.

Always fix the broken strings even in the middle of your game because this might affect the racquet frame. Use that pair of scissors to release the stress on the frame. If avoided, it may result in a crack on the racquet.

4. Net

The net and the post can be bought with the racquet set or by itself. The net should measure 6 X 6 ( 6 feet long and 6 feet wide). Ensure that the upper white tape is not wider than 15 mm. While you’re fixing the net, calculate the height from above the ground to be 5 feet for the net. Always tap the net edges in white.

Alongside, you may require an eyewear if you are playing racquetball. The eyewear will protect you from the ball which gets reflected from the wall so it might aim at any part of your body.


5. Court Shoes

Your shoes give you ultimate comfort during the game. Your feet will have to coordinate with your hands for your concentration in the game. Thus you need the perfect shoes for the game.

Keep in mind these 3 features before purchasing your shoes– non-marking soles, comfort for lateral movement and support for the aggressive movement.

In simple terms, your shoes must be breathable, durable, and flexible with a rubber sole. This rubber outsole will give solid grip over the court and immediate directional changes.

Conclusion: The right equipment will ensure that you perform at your highest potential despite your skill level.

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