Choose from these handpicked top Li-Ning rackets to be your next weapon.

Li-Ning is a Chinese based sports and athletic company that makes top-notch sporting goods. Not only is their sports shoes and apparel good, but their badminton rackets have proven to be deadly too.

Li-Ning is great for professionals and can be seen used by many top players all over the world including the likes of PV Sindhu.

The top 5 Li Ning rackets one should consider are:

#1. Li-Ning 2018 Turbo Changing 9 II TF:

This racket is made out of carbon fibre and weighs from 85-89gms. This racket has optimum rigidity and can bear high tensions. It is made strong enough to reduce the risk of frame deformation.

It is easy to control racket which has a frame that is made out of carbon fibre to ensure higher strength and rigidity.

It has a slim shaft which is 7.0mm at the top which makes it easy to control your strokes. It is a perfectly balanced racket.

This racket is made based on the aerotec beam system.

Price ranges from Rs.9,500 to Rs.7,100.

#2. Li-Ning new n90 IV:

This racket is completely made out of carbon fibre graphite and it provides good balance and high tension. It has mega power as it is integrated with the aerotec beam system. It weighs 88gms.

It is meant to be a very stable and rigid racket which makes playing a breeze.

Li-Ning N 90 - IV Black Unstrung Badminton Racquet

The carbon fibre graphite is used to reduce the weights and improve the strength of the racket which helps in control.

The weight of the frame is less which ensures more stability.

This racket is developed on the groundbreaking 3D break free technology which reduces air resistance by a whopping 10.5% which results in an increase in smash speed.

It also has a slim shaft.

The average price of this racket is approx. Rs 10,000.

#3. Li-Ning Air Stream N 99:

This racket is an exclusive racket that is truly one of its kind. It weighs 88gms. It is made of out ultra-strong material so that it gives the player a more steady feel while playing shots. It is made out of rigid carbon fibre and is a low-risk frame deformation racket. The top slim shaft provides free control and strength.

Li-Ning N 90 - IV Black Unstrung Badminton Racquet

It is based on the aerotec beam system which makes the racket an aerodynamic one. It is made in such a way so as to minimise air resistance while maintaining the frame strength of the racket.

The price of this racket ranges from Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000.

#4. Li Ning N7 II:

This racket is a highly professional racket made with the might aerotec beam system technology.

It is an extremely rigid and stable racket where one can easily use strings at high tensions.

It is very easy to control and smooth to play with.

It is designed in such a way that the attacking strokes of a player are more efficient. The hitting velocity is increased in this racket as it has a widened stringing area which increases the bounce strength.

It has been used by top players.

The price of this racket is Rs 12,190.

#5. Li-Ning Windstorm 72:

This racket is a full carbon fibre lightweight racket. It only weighs 72gms. Even though it is a light racket, it is made up of strong materials which let the racket bear high tension and is stroke steady. It has a perfect balance racket weight and moving inertia and aerodynamics.

It helps in players getting the precision on the strokes that they want.

It has a slim shaft that is very stable.

Li-Ning WINDSTORM 72 Multicolor Unstrung Badminton Racquet

The hitting point is moved upwards in this racket.

This racket ranges from Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000.

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