The racket is the most essential equipment of the game. Badminton is a sport that people of all ages prefer playing.

There are usually 3 types of racquets available in India – for the beginners, for smashing and for noise reduction. The beginners’ racquet is light weighted and made of graphite.

While the second one is for smashing purpose and is used by professional players. The third one is also for professionals but for those players who found the noise of hitting the shuttlecock unpleasant. Both these types output a powerful performance.

In my personal experience, the best brands to consider are– Yonex, Cosco and Silver Sports. The top-notch players use Yonex titanium, multifilament and monofilament strings. While Silver Sports offers the best customer care.  

Read below for the 5 things to consider while buying a racquet:

  • Playing style: Your playing style matters the most. If you are an all-rounder then racket should be easy to move and provide better flexibility. 
  • Handle grip: The grip should be neither cushiony nor sticky. Look out for synthetic rubber grip since it provides efficiency. The synthetic grips are better than towel grips because they don’t require much replacement. While the towel grips are best for players who have sweaty palms.
  • Racket weight: Usually light weighted or head-light racquets improve your performance and make it easy for you to carry it during the game. Yonex Voltric FB can be the best option in lightweight racquets.

For a beginner, the optimum string tension should be 15-20 lbs while for intermediate levels, it should be 20-25 lbs. And advanced players may fix the tension above 25 lbs.

You may check the tension by pressing your palm against the strings and seeing how far your palm sinks. And not to forget, the strings expand in hotter places.

  • Frame shape: There are two shapes: oval and isometric. Oval shape frames have concentrated sweet spot, provide less power on shots but provide streamlined motion for the racquet.

All-rounder shutters can opt for this frame. One of the best selling in the market is the Yonex Carbonex Series.


With all these things in mind, you may also opt for buying your racket online. Way to go, shuttlers!

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